Top 100 Free Udemy Courses [100% OFF] [UPDATE 27/06/2021]

Our team of experts conducted extensive research to find these 100+ free Udemy courses. They cover a variety of topics, including data science, personal growth, photography, health, and business. These courses are free from among the 100,000+ available courses on Udemy. Our compilation of courses may be of interest to you.Top 100 Free University CoursesTheTop 100 Ivy League Courses Free Online. Take a look at our collection of other resources along with these.20 Top Udemy Courses.

1. Free Udemy Personal Development Courses

People often put their personality above other skills which can lead to disappointment. Your character could make a difference in your career. Employers often consider the personal development of candidates when hiring. It is important to invest in your personal development. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on personal development. These Udemy personal training courses are free. Check out our collection of personal development courses.The Best Personal Development Courses.

No Udemy course name Rating Duration
1 20 Free Life Hacks to Inspire You to Excel in Business &Life 4.3 2 hours
2 Actualize Academy – Advanced Personal Development Success 4.3 1.5 hours
3 Introduction to Self-Development: Apply a Working Plan 4.1 15 mins
4 The Power Of Questions 4.3 1.5 hours
5 How to Unlock Your True Potential 4.3 1 hour
6 The Magic of Action (Motivation) 4.2 30 mins
7 “Another” 20 Free Life Hacks to Inspire You to Excel in Life 4.3 2 hours
8 Help! What’s Happening To Me? 4.2 1.5 hours
9 The Complete Masterclass For Personal Transformation 4.3 5 hours
10 Mediocre To Magnificent 4 1 hour

2. Free Udemy Web Development Courses

It is essential to stay current with all the latest trends and technologies in web development to ensure that you are able to grow and succeed in this field. Many people make the mistake of learning nothing new in their field while they work in it. This can hinder their career growth. To have a successful career in web development, you need to learn about Express, Node JS, and Web UI. This is why Udemy created this list of Udemy free web development courses. Take a look at this list for more.The Best Web Development Courses.

No Udemy course name Rating Duration
1 Web Development – Complete Fast Track Course (2019) 4.3 29 hours
2 Getting Started as a Web Developer 4.3 1 hour
3 Build a Quiz app with HTML, CSS and Javascript 4.5 2 hour
4 Intro to Node JS & Express 4.3 2 hour 13min
5 Web Developer Course on Creating a Business Website 4.4 5 hour 7 min
6 Learn Web Development by Creating a Social Network 4.5 6 hour 42 min
7 Create Your Own Website In 2 Hours 4.5 2 hour 23min
8 Fun & Easy Introduction to Web Development 4.6 1 hour
9 How to Register a Domain, Set Up Hosting, and Edit Web Pages 4.4 2.5 hours

3. Free Udemy Digital Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing is the buzzword of the moment. It has opened up many doors for individuals and businesses to grow. Online marketing tools make it easier for companies and individuals to market their products to a wider audience. This is why digital marketing knowledge is so important. Udemy offers free digital marketing courses that will help you quickly get started. Check out our full list of digital marketing courses.The Best Digital Marketing Courses.


No Udemy course name Rating Duration
1 Digital Marketing Associate certification Course 4 2.5 hours
2 Digital Marketing Fundamentals with Live Projects 4 3 hours
3 Free Digital Marketing Basics Course 4.2 6 hours
4 Understand and Evaluate Digital Marketing Channels  4.3 1.5 hours
5 Online Digital Social Media Marketing & Sales Free Training  4.1 1.5 hours
6 Ultimate Marketing and Selling Course  4.3 20.5 hours
7 FREE Basic Digital Marketing Certification Program  4.2 7 hours
8 Digital Marketing Strategy  4.2 0.5 hours
9 Digital Marketing Leads Generator 4.2 1.5 hours
10 Digital Marketing Roadmap to Creating a Viral Brand 4.1 1.5 hours

4. Free Udemy Business & Finance Courses

Management of finance is a key aspect for any business. It helps you decide where and when to invest as well as how to manage your profits. Anyone who wants to start a business should have a solid understanding of financial management and business. If you’re new to the field of finance and business, these Udemy courses will help you. Our curation of The Best Business & Finance Classes.


No Udemy course name Rating Duration
1 Entrepreneurship: The making of a great entrepreneur 4.4 0.5 hour
2 Online MBA Alternative – The modMBA 4.2 3 hours
3 Introduction to Business Ownership 4.5 1.5 hours
4 Roadmap to the Entrepreneurial Mindset and Toolkit 4.4 3 hours
5 Learn and Master the Basics of Finance 4.3 3 hours
6 Wall street 101- Understanding Financial Services 4 1 hour
7 12 Steps to Financial Freedom 4.4 5 hours
8 Financial Ratios Simplified : A practicle guide 4 2 hours

5. Free Udemy Excel Courses

Microsoft offers a wide range of Microsoft applications such as Word Excel, PowerPoint and Slack. Businesses can use these applications. MS Excel is the most popular application among all of them. It allows you to create datasheets and spreadsheets for different data, including financial data, which can be used for analysis. If you are interested in working as an accountant or financial analyst, then these Udemy Excel courses are a great place to start. Check out the complete list of The Best Excel Courses


No Udemy course name Rating Duration
1 Useful Excel for Beginners 4.5 9.5 hours
2 Excel Quick Start Tutorial: 36 Minutes to Learn the Basics 4.4 0.5 hour
3 Excel Pivot Table Basics 4.5 1 hour
4 Ten Excel Features Every Analyst Should Know 4.4 0.5 hour
5 Excel for Accountants: Mapping Tables 4.4 0.5 hour
6 MS Excel – From 0 to Working Professional in 1 hour 4.4 1 hour
7 Best Excel Shortcuts in 30 mins – Be the Master in Excel 4.4 0.5 hour
8 Excel 2016 Pivot Tables: Create Basic Pivot Tables in Excel 4.3 1 hour
9 Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2010 4.5 1 hour

6. Free Udemy Health Courses

Health is essential for any person, regardless of whether they are a student, employee or business professional. Good health is the primary goal for all activities, no matter how intense or casual you may be. Health doesn’t just refer to your physical health, but also your mental health. These Udemy health courses are free and can help you learn more about meditation, exercise, nutrition, as well as other activities. Take a look at our collection of other health courses.The Best Health Courses.


No Udemy course name Rating Duration
1 Health & Fitness: 30-Minute Guide to Supercharge Your Life 4.2 0.5 hour
2 The 21 Day Health Challenge 4.2 1 hour
3 Optimal Health – Your Journey for a Long & Happy Life 4.3 1.5 hour
4 Amplify your shading skills 4.2 1 hour
5 Guided Meditation – Accelerated Healing in 30 minutes 4.5 1 hour
6 Natural Health 101 4.2 0.5 hour
7 Optimal Health – Your Journey for a Long & Happy Life 4.3 1.5 hour
8 Mudras: A tool in your hand to help your health 4.2 0.5 hour
9 Six Pack Abs Masterclass 4.5 1.5 hour

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