Here is what’s included : 

Discover How To Replace Someone’s Reasoning With Your Own…Without Any Argument, Persuasion Or Compromise
And You Will Learn:

  • What is Verbal Pacing and Leading and why mastering this one skill will make you more persuasive instantly…Allowing all your messages to be accepted by the unconscious and conscious mind.
  • The secret to properly using “Truisms”…and avoiding the #1 mistake people make when using them as a pacing statement.
  • How to use the verbal pacing and leading format that will drop your prospects into an altered state…moving them from an external state to an internal one…Turning all your language into hypnotic language.
  • What is the “Unconscious Yes Set”…and why if you are still using the old fashion “Yes Set” taught in sales training programs, you are setting yourself up for failure.
  • How the T.V. show COPS uses the “No Set” to get citizens to willingly hand over their rights. Once you learn this concept, please use it responsibly!
  • Hear countless examples of how to construct proper pacing and leading statements.
  • Receive a state of the art Learning Session, allowing you to learn and implement this material easily and effortlessly…for FREE! ($99 value).
  • And much, much more…
  • As if that was not enough…
  • Here is what you will receive inside the Verbal Pacing and Leading – The Persuasion Intensifier Program Bonus for only $49.99 FREE.
  • 57 minute recording taken from one of my previous coaching club calls. Past members of my coaching club paid thousands of dollars to be on these calls.
    14 page PDF so you can follow along throughout the lesson.
  • Verbal Pacing and Leading Learning Session ($99 value). Also included is the Emotional State Conditioning Session that will intensify the effects of the Learning Session.

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