Adam Linkenauger – Video Traffic System
The 5 Step System We Used To Generate Millions of Views, Hundreds of Thousands Of Leads And Over 7 Figures in Sales
We’ll Teach It To You In Just 5 Simple Steps…

  • MODULE 1:
  • Immediately discover the EXACT videos your target audience wants you to make.
  • The one step, 30 minute process that will build out your next 6 months of HIGHLY desired video content.
  • Laser focus your content to the highly impacted “In the moment” prospects. (These are FIRE HOT leads that are IN THE
  • MOMENT of need. They are buyers).
  • MODULE 2:
  • Install our Bracelet and Charms 2.0 System directly into your YouTube Channel and immediately multiply video views, channel subscribers, leads, and SALES. (This proprietary system has had a 100% success rate when used)
  • Swipe our video scheduling calendar and editing automation! You’ll discover how to shoot, edit, and schedule a MONTH (or more) of content in just one day a month!
  • Authority and Credibility happens IMMEDIATELY on YouTube. Create a channel that screams trust, authority, and RESULTS using our Authority Channel Set Up.
  • MODULE 3:
  • The exact tools, softwares, and camera we use that will get you high level results without needing a film crew following you around like a Kardashian.
  • Our Video Creation process made EASY, clear, and FAST. Create high level videos, edits, and call to actions that GET
  • RESULTS (without slaving away at the computer).
  • Create your market’s PERFECT videos. Discover how to create the perfect video type, content, length, and more… You’ll create the videos your markets LOVES to watch, like, and share.
  • MODULE 4:
  • Our proprietary system to put the RIGHT videos in front of the RIGHT audience at the RIGHT time.
  • Take over the TOP spot of YouTube AND Google SEARCH for your market’s most DESIRABLE keywords. (Even the most unattainable)
  • Ethically Infiltrate and Steal your competitor’s traffic using our “Trojan Horse Method” and become YouTube’s most
  • “referred” expert in your field.
  • MODULE 5:
  • Turn viewers into PROFIT. Using our Annotation Click System, you’ll teleport your video viewers into leads and customers on automation (and without selling).
  • Using our Call To Action Blueprint, you’ll give the perfect CALL to ACTION every time you upload a video. Resulting in more Likes, Subscribers, leads, and CUSTOMERS.
  • Turn your YouTube videos into automated SALES MACHINES. Our Annotation Click System will create one click Interactive BILLBOARDS on your videos, that your target market can’t click fast enough.
  • Our Mobile Marketing Blueprint will DOUBLE your traffic with ONE simple tweak to your video description.
  • BONUS- The Triple Tier Monetary System will show you how to get PAID from multiple sources for creating videos that market and grow your business.

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